Cleanstate | Things You Should Know

Things You Should Know

Safety Comes First

cleaning-floorCleanstate has a genuine commitment to safety and has in place procedures honouring the company’s obligation to the State’s Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Act and the company WPHS statement. This commitment to safety is validated by the Safety Manual and implementation of policies and procedures contained therein.

Our objectives:-

  • To maintain a safe and healthy work environment for everyone
  • Implement systems and strategies that promote health and safety as a central focus of cleaning and maintenance practices.
  • Train and utilise competent employees who practice health and safety in all aspects of their work.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally-friendlyCleanstate firmly believes in the protection of the environment for future generations.

Environmentally friendly products and chemicals are a critical component in the future of the cleaning industry and it is our priority to work towards 100% environmentally friendly products, zero pollution and zero waste. We are already utilising environmentally safe products and chemicals on all sites serviced by us, and we are constantly monitoring and improving our systems to ensure that the environment is not adversely impacted by our work practices and the products and chemicals we use.